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Original Releases

Dolphin Single Final.jpg

The first song I ever wrote, based on an animal I've loved since I was a kid. The memories I have of writing that iconic melody are ones that I adore. Its leitmotif acts as the basis for the album.

To me, the song (and dolphins themselves) represent fun, freedom, and fearlessness.

Reefside Cover Art.png

After hours of struggle to wring inspiration from the dry Manila air, the realization that I could write about the very thing I loved and cherished the most in this world hit me like a gust of wind. I decided to write a ballad about being in love with the ocean.


This music video took more than a year to reach completion, and its development brought upon The Dolphin Era’s visual identity. Some of my closest friends had faith in the project and came by my side to assist me and make it a reality. Together, we formed The Reefside Art Team and this music video would have never been completed without them.


I hope you cherish Reefside as much as I do. As much as we all do.

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